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Announcing: The 2020 National High School Leadership Conference

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Drum roll, please...

The Illuminate team is ecstatic to introduce a new edition to our current events: the 2020 NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, in partnership with the Ted Rogers MBA Women in Leadership Association and our long-time partner, Deloitte Canada.

At Illuminate Universe, we strive to prepare students for the professional workplace and believe in experiential learning. NHLC will encompass these characteristics, with hands-on learning workshops that highlight problem-solving techniques—differentiating from the analytical and technical approach that is fostered at NHBC.


Why leadership?

For the past four years, Illuminate Universe has hosted the renowned National High School Business Conference: an event that challenges students to think creatively through a technology-related corporate study.

As a team, we wanted to take a different approach from the traditional Business Conference and provide an additional opportunity that enables students to enhance their interpersonal skills—skills that are essential in both the professional and community setting. At Illuminate Universe, we believe that the power of being a leader extends beyond its title; it requires proactive thinking, being readily available to help team members and most importantly, empowering those around you. In a professional setting, leadership is imperative for fostering an inclusive workplace and maximizing efficiency when fulfilling corporate goals.





NHLC will introduce workshops that highlight the soft skills necessary for the development of our future leaders. This conference will primarily focus on:

(1) Character & Candour

(2) Diverse & Inclusive Management

(3) Personal Well-Being


Interested in attending?


NHLC is scheduled to occur on March 22nd and this full-day event will take place in the heart of Toronto, at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. Tickets will be available for purchase starting January 2nd, via Eventbrite.

Participants will gain valuable industry knowledge through in-depth workshops hosted by Ted Rogers MBA Women in Leadership Association and Deloitte Canada while having the exclusive opportunity to grow their network through a round-table lunch with our National Partners. And of course, there will be an optional leadership challenge sent out a week in advance, in addition to the case study that will be presented the day of. The winning team will receive a scholarship award of $500 CAD* and all finalists of the conference will have the opportunity to tour the Toronto Deloitte office and have coffee with Deloitte professionals.

Further information regarding our upcoming National High School Leadership Conference can be found on our event page.


Enrichment Programs

High School Coordinator applications are now live! We are looking for a dedicated team of high school students who are passionate about event planning and have a talent for outreach.

If you are interested in enriching your leadership and communication skills, apply to become a High School Coordinator here. Members will receive free* admission to the conference.


Want to Partner with Us?

If you are part of an organization and would like to partner with us for our future events, feel free to reach out and contact us! More information can be found on our Partners page.

*Terms and Conditions Apply


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