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Ever think about how C-Suite executives make their decisions and manage their organizations? Dive into the world of executives in our Leadership Conferences.

Conference Topics


Candour is the quality of being open and honest in expression. Learn how to practice candour in a business setting, and why it is so important for success.


Empowering your employees to collaborate effectively and add value to the firm is a challenging aspect of management.


With the rise in personal wellbeing and mental health in the workplace, it is crucial to learn how you can help your employees as a leader, and create a culture that promotes personal health.

Event Features

Join top students across Canada for our newly launched National High School Leadership Conference in partnership with Deloitte Canada, Ted Rogers MBA Women in Leadership Association and more. 

Students will be placed into groups of various backgrounds and participate in fun and engaging activities throughout the day such as interactive workshops, roundtable networking sessions with leaders and peers, and keynotes from insightful speakers. You also have the option to participate in our Leadership Challenge where your team can use your leadership intuitions to win scholarships, and exclusive opportunities with Deloitte Canada. 

The three-pillar approach makes our events unique. Participating students may choose two out of the three pillars as their workshop choice to experience a full overview of the relevant business and leadership topics. There are unique pillars attached to each event, please visit respective NHBC event pages for details. Each event will also feature a unique case written and published by Illuminate and its partners on a current industry scenario. 






March 22, 2020

Ted Rogers School of Business

Downtown, Toronto



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We engage and empower the next generation of business leaders through experiential learning,

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