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Empowering Canadians to succeed in the job market and beyond. 

Personalized in-person or online coaching and virtual experiences to teach you the skills that will make you hirable anywhere in the world. From refugees to immigrants, students, and adult learners, there's a place for you at Illuminate. 

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Serving thousands of people across Canada

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Whether you're transitioning from career fields, upskilling your resume, or fresh out of school, Illuminate wants to help you get where you're going – hired. No matter your goal, you can sharpen your business skills and befriend a like-minded community. Students who wish to develop intergenerational communications skills by partnering with Illuminate to teach an adult may do so through our Intergenerational Communications Leadership Initiative Program (ICIL). 

Presenting you with a new way to upskill

Our personalized in-person and online coaching, paired with our virtual experiences, are beneficial in more ways than one. 

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Accessible in More Ways Than One

Our virtual experiences are available in different languages. Their online nature also makes them available to people from anywhere in the world.

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99+ Virtual Experiences to Learn From

Experience sought-after educational material from industry professionals. Learn from an array of different topics to make your resume stand out.

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Opportunities to Earn While You Learn

Receive hundreds of dollars in financial awards per virtual experience. Outstanding students may be offered career opportunities.

A community of 50+ industry mentors
with more joining every day

Learn from videos we've created with industry leaders:

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Easy Eligibility

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

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Register for Dozens of Experiences

Learn from in-person and online coaching as well as collaborative virtual experiences from national businesses. Understand the inner workings of business structure. Sharpen your job marketability. 

Learn, receive personal career coaching,
& engage with fellow illuminators

all in one place.

Why wait? Start today.

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Match With a Career Mentor

Celebrate with Payments & Prizes

Use 1-1 coaching time to ask your mentor all the industry questions you can think of. Relish in the industry wisdom they want to pass down to you. 

Get rewarded for your efforts with hundreds of dollars in payments and prizes. There will also be opportunities for promotions and internships.


Be a Canadian Citizen, PR or Refugee

We welcome people of all beliefs and identities. In fact, over 50% of Illuminate's event attendees are minorities. We value the diverse ideas people can bring to the table. 


Be at Least 18-years-old or Above

Whether you're in your senior year of high school or looking to learn new skills before retirement, Illuminate is honoured to work with you.

Hear From Our Community:

20220921_104215[3001] - Ananya Thiruselvam.jpeg

Ananya Thiruselvam

Ananya hopes to enhance her communication, creativity and innovation skills. In five to ten years, she will have completed school and is hoping to pursue a job in the marketing field.

Queena photo - Queena Cheong.png

Queena Cheong

Queena has a strong desire for strengthening her transferable skills to forge a successful career no matter where she goes, she hopes to enhance her creativity and problem solving skills.

IMG_1538 (1) - Emeka Balakumar.jpeg

Emeka Balakumar

Emeka hopes to enhance her creativity, innovation, and communication skills through the project she completes. She is excited to apply the skills she learned in her marketing career.

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