Regional Events Brought To You By Our Student Leaders




Midtown TO

Diving into the "Future of Startups"

March 20th, 2021




North York

Diving into the "Future of Lifelong Learning"

March 27th, 2021





Diving into the "Future of Social Entrepreneurship"


April 10th, 2021





Diving into the "Future of Women in Leadership"

April 17th, 2021 

Global High School

Leadership Conference

Collaboration. Executive Thinking. Management.


Ever think about how C-Suite executives make their decisions and manage their organizations? Dive into the world of business leadership in our Leadership Conferences.

GHLC will be hosted virtually this year.

Global High School 

Business Conference

Finance. Consulting. Technology. Case Competition.


The Global High School Business Conference (GHBC) is one of Illuminate's flagship events to introduce the world of business. 

GHBC is hosted in a variety of cities throughout the year.

Young Teacher

Class Pass

In our increasingly competitive world, students are taking more and more steps to find opportunities to set them apart. However, there is one constant issue: the financial cost of choosing to pursue these opportunities is quite high for many. So, we decided to introduce the Class Pass Initiative at Illuminate, which allows teachers and educators to help students to maximize their potential without facing those prices.


With the Class Pass, we are working towards lowering the opportunity cost of excellence. The Class Pass allows teachers to purchase bundles of Illuminate Business Conference tickets, and grant them to students at a lower price. There are three tiers of the class pass, which are as follows.


Tier 1 (15 tickets): 15% off

Tier 2 (25 tickets): 25% off

Tier 3 (35 or more tickets): 35% off

Our Events

With the help of our National Partners, each year Illuminate Universe puts together a number of events throughout the year. Each is focused on different elements of business, and provides a unique opportunity to dive into real-world challenges head-on.

Our Mission

We engage and empower the next generation of business leaders through experiential learning,

co-created with our premier business partners. 

Empower, Engage, Experience

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