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At Illuminate Universe, we collaborate with a wide range of institutions to provide original and cutting-edge solutions for our clients and the global economy. Hear from some of our specialized collaborations and the impact we made, together.


How businesses are paving the way towards efficient hands-on learning.

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Serving thousands of people across Canada

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Presenting Company Victories We Want to Celebrate

Illuminate Universe has partnered and collaborated with global companies like RBC, Deloitte Canada, CPA Ontario, Grant Thornton, Crius Financial Services Corp, Reside Management, Room to Read, Shimmer and Meaningful Work.


The Royal Bank of Canda

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Company Bio

The Royal Bank of Canada is a Canadian multinational financial services company and the largest bank in Canada by market capitalization. The bank serves over 17 million clients.

Industry: Banking

Location: Canada & U.S.A.

Size: 89,000 Employees Worldwide

The Goal

To aid in RBC’s acquisition of new clients from the immigrant market, especially from individuals of Chinese background. To further showcase how RBC can be the solution for banking needs and beyond for individuals and families who are still adjusting to Canada such as permanent residents (departing from China), temporary foreign workers, and all other newcomers with citizen or refugee status.


CPA Ontario

Company Bio

CPA Ontario ensures that their more than 100,000 members and 21,000 students meet the highest standards of integrity in the world of accounting. CPA Ontario helps people stay ahead of global market trends and regulatory change. 

Industry: Accounting

Location: Ontario, Canada

Size: 358 Employees Regionally

The Goal

To aid in CPA Ontario's recruitment for their High School Ambassador Program, Illuminate held national leadership conferences to attract motivated students who were invested in their professional development. By creating this fun and educational environment for CPA Ontario to network with the attendees, over 90+ students registered for HAP, a program that helps students discover their career potential, no cost associated. 

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Crius Financial

Company Bio

Crius Financial provides health and life insurance products and services since 2005. We are located in BC, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with over 40,000 square feet office space.

Industry: Finance

Location: Canada

Size: 1300 Employees

The Goal

To help further develop effective intergenerational communication skills in lead staff. Training by Don Coulter, the former CEO of Concentra Bank and Coast Capital Savings as well as the former VP of CIBC, was conducted at Illuminate's Vancouver headquarters to provide in-person mentorship on how to navigate and lead teams with members of all ages. Don's expertise on Millenials and Gen Zs equipped attendees with the right leadership tools. 


Shimmer ADHD Care

Company Bio

At Shimmer, their coaches recognize the superpowers of ADHD through science-backed strategies & skills that will help you navigate your gaps around activation, time management, memory, and general executive functioning.

Industry: Coaching

Location: Canada / USA

Size: Numerous Freelancers

The Goal

To help Shimmer reach ideal clients. To do this, Illuminate built a custom virtual experience training that helped individuals navigate neurodiversity in the work setting. Upon completion, Illuminate was able to fund complimentary Shimmer coaching for clients who were eager to navigate their ADHD tendencies. Illuminate's opportunities and marketing strategies helped provide more clients to Shimmer.  



Company Bio

MeaningfulWork is building the most impactful global community of individuals, companies, and nonprofits for giving. They do so by serving as a bridge between the non-profit space and volunteers.

Industry: Non-Profit Sector

Location: Canada, Global

Size: 8 Execs, 100s of Members

The Goal

To mentor aspiring non-profit leaders and equip them with the experience necessary to succeed in the field. Illuminate and MeaningfulWork collaborated to create workshops to help train executive members of non-profits from coast to coast. These attendees were also eligible to join Illuminate's custom virtual experiences that rewarded them with an $400 honorarium to supplement their journeys as volunteers, business leaders and changemakers. 

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