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How post-secondary students are training for their dream jobs.

Partner with Illuminate to host and sponsor club events at your campus or join as a co-op unit to provide students with flexible career development internships. 

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Serving thousands of people across Canada

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Seamless Compensation

Receive your compensation for the work you complete at Illuminate. 

Presenting You With a New Way to Work

Looking for club event sponsors? Or needing an organization to provide internships for your students? Sign up through our registration to start the partnership process and access Illuminate's student partnership benefits.

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Easy Partnerships

Choose to partner with Illuminate Universe in as little as one discovery call. 

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Connections to Our Network 

Illuminate can connect you with employers. Find an industry you love - quick!

Customizable Work Placements

Illuminate is open to customizing work placement options and duties to the needs of your co-op department or club over a discovery call.

Please explain your specific needs in the form below and Illuminate will book a meeting with you.


Easy Eligibility

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Most Canadian businesses are eligible to partner with Illuminate. 

Be at Least 18-years-old or Above

Whether you're in your senior year of high school or looking to learn new skills before retirement, Illuminate is honoured to work with you.


Be a Canadian Citizen, PR or Refugee

We welcome people of all beliefs and identities. In fact, over 50% of Illuminate's event attendees are minorities. We value the diverse ideas people can bring to the table. 

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Be in at least 1 course at a Canadian school.

Illuminate is ecstatic to provide corporate work experiences that will teach interns how to strengthen their resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview presence.

*Co-op representatives are not required to meet the third requirement if they are partnering on behalf of a department.

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What are you waiting for?
Join the student movement.

Once you fill our the form below, an Illuminate executive will reach out to discuss the unique needs of your club or co-op department. 

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