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Partner with Illuminate to co-create an in-person or online coaching series and virtual experience that solves a problem for your business. Upskill your staff while creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to learn. Both the employer and the participants will receive honorariums of up to $400 per person.


How Canadian employers are fast-tracking their internal trainings and upskilling their employees.

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Serving thousands of people across Canada

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Presenting You with a New Way to Train

Speed up your onboarding or training process with Illuminate. There is no cost. In fact, employers, as well as participants receive up to $400 per person for partaking in these co-created in-person or online coaching sessions and virtual experiences. They are completed on Illuminate's online platform and are accessible from anywhere in the world. "Train the Trainer" sessions of your choice from MBAs, PhDs, and field experts will also reward your team with $400 each.

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1) Request a Train the Trainer Session

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2) Build a Virtual Experience & Coaching Team

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3) Financially Reward Your Employees Up to $400


Easy Eligibility

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Be a Registered Business/Non-profit 

Most Canadian businesses are eligible to partner with Illuminate. 

Illuminate partners with registered Canadian businesses and/or non-profit organizations that do not have a strong affiliation with any political parties.  

Brands We Work With

Partnerships you can trust.

Serving thousands of people across Canada

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Follow Up Details & Publication

Illuminate will follow up via email & schedule a follow-up meeting to approve the curriculums for publication on Illuminate's online platform.

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Here's how it works

One streamlined process for all our employer partners.

It's that simple.

Employers will receive their honorarium for partnering with Illuminate and their staff can start enrolling. Participants will also receive an honorarium.

Start Enrolling 

Book a Discovery Meeting

Book a meeting with Illuminate's executives to discuss your vision for an in-person or online coaching series and virtual experience. 

Benefits of Partnering with Illuminate

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Easy Partnerships

Choose to partner with Illuminate Universe in as little as one discovery call. 

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Connections to Our Network 

Illuminate can connect you with job seekers. Find someone qualified – quick.

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Seamless Compensation

Receive your honorarium through e-transfer or as a giftcard of your choosing.


Multilingual Services


At Illuminate, we value diversity and inclusion at every corner. That's why we make an effort to provide our services in ways that are accessible to the people who need it most. Our translation team works very hard to provide trainings in multiple languages ranging from English, French, and Mandarin. 


Every culture, every nation, and every single person has a unique perspective on the world. Miracles can occur when these many points of view are combined. Consider this. How does one learn? Someone with that expertise and experience must teach us in order for us to learn anything new.


No one would ever learn anything if everyone was exactly the same since there wouldn't be any different information to impart. 


And as we acquire new knowledge, we help to inspire others to learn something new. In addition, the more different we are, the more we can learn to utilize all our strengths as one.

Translation Team

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