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Become A Community Leader Today!
Do Meaningful Work, Upskill, & Get Rewarded For It.

Get awarded honorariums for completing community leadership projects that you get to design and spearhead with Illuminate and our national partners. Level up your career journey through exclusive one-on-one mentorship and networking opportunities with program partners.


Serving thousands of people across Canada. Having partnered with:

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Programs We Offer



Community Leadership Program

Represent your high school, university, or community to do meaningful work.



Communications Program

Create content that inspires other while promoting positivity.



Entreprenuership Scholarship Program

Build your venture and turn ideas into reality.

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Role Description:

As a Leader, you will represent your high school, university, or community to do meaningful work while gaining leadership experiences. You'll embody the Illuminate mission and values, fostering the next generation of business leaders who are critical thinkers, champions of inclusivity, and who are dedicated to creating a positive impact in their communities. Your role will involve advocating for Illuminate and our National Partners while co-creating and leading a leadership project to give back to the community. Experience leading projects simulating a Business Analyst, Consultant or Manager.

Please note that this is not an employment position.

This program is intended for learning & development purposes only.


Key Responsibility (Choose 1 or More Below)

Completing a project will result in payment through honorariums/scholarships sponsored generously by our National Partners.

  • Social Media and Online Engagement: Craft an insightful career leadership blog to be showcased on Illuminate's blog page, accompanied by an engaging Instagram Reel designed to captivate viewers' attention.

  • Education and Innovation: Develop meaningful curriculums to educate the community and build essential literacy skills.

  • Creativity and Events: Lead initiatives such as podcasts, community events and other opportunities that arise to support the Illuminate mission and values.



  • Access our exclusive upskilling virtual experience library and career coaching sessions (resume and cover letter review will be provided).

  • Unlimited reference letters and reference checks for your future pursuits. Admission to the National Leadership Competition.

  • Networking opportunities such as recruitment events with the Illuminate Universe community and our National Partners.

  • Get awarded honorariums/scholarships for completing community leadership projects that you get to design and spearhead with Illuminate and our national partners.



  • Proven capacity for leadership and a strong commitment to contributing to the community.

  • Currently enrolled as a student at a high school or post-secondary institution ​.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills​.

  • Enthusiastic, friendly, and approachable demeanor​.

  • Willing to take action to accelerate development and personal growth.

  • Time commitment 1-5 hours a week dependent on project needs and availability. Work on projects virtually and based on your own schedule.

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Past Students' Testimonials

Sophia W

Alexa Young, CA

“I have really enjoyed the ability to work individually and at my own pace. So far, learning about day-to-day banking has made me feel more knowledgeable in the banking industry and better prepared to dive into a conversation with someone regarding that topic. I would definitely recommend this program to peers, considering they are in the same situation as I am and would benefit from improving their communication skills as I have."

Eman K

Morgan James, NY

"My favorite part would be that there is so much to learn and seeing how the world is adapting and how important it is to change your ways according to it is a part of growing, it can be from communication to getting the task right, and if the learning leads to career development, it makes it so much more fun. Upskilling played an important role because I am still young and have a future ahead of me, being able to know what I should look forward to and doing it the right way makes a difference, so yes I would recommend it because if I am learning that makes an impact for me, then it would be the same for other peers."

Aadityaraj T

"It has helped me realize the age gap between elders and young people which has helped me increase my communication skills to be able to connect with more people to reach out too them in the future. It has helped me become more communicative and increased my creativity. I would recommend it to peers as it is a good way to help increase one's chances of making an impression on a recruiter in the future."

Uddam B

Alexa Young, CA

The organization's supportive environment, focus on skill development, and opportunities for professional growth have helped me acquire valuable knowledge and advance in my chosen field. I would certainly recommend this program to my peers as it offers a conducive atmosphere for personal and professional development, along with valuable networking and career guidance resources.

Hyeonjun W

Morgan James, NY

It has helped me to become a better communicator and has helped me to learn how to network effectively. It has also given me advice on interviews, and I would definitely recommend this to my peers for the way in which it helps my business aspirations going forward.

Hsiang-Hao H

The organization values personal and professional development, creating a space where trainees can thrive and explore help from mentors. The structured training programs, coupled with the opportunity to intern with partnered organizations, have given me a taste of the professional world, thus playing an important role in my career development. I would definitely recommend this program to my peers and aspiring professionals. The organization's commitment to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and providing meaningful experiences sets it apart.

Hannah E

Alexa Young, CA

"As a student, I am relatively inexperienced when it comes to what is expected out of a professional working environment. Here I am able to learn simple and tangible skills to expand my skills arsenal. The Community Leadership Program is playing an important role in my career development by teaching me how to act in the workplace and how to properly prepare for a professional position. I would recommend it to my peers, who like me do not have much experience in the workplace, as an environment to learn valuable skills that will serve them well and provide a framework for entering their profession."

Hamnah A

Morgan James, NY

"Learning and growing at a company can offer numerous benefits, including professional development opportunities through training programs and resources, engaging in challenging projects to expand abilities, a supportive work environment fostering creativity and collaboration, and networking and mentorship opportunities for valuable insights and career prospects. When recommending a company to peers, considering factors like culture, growth opportunities, and alignment with career goals is crucial, and sharing personal experiences can help others assess its suitability, Illuminate provides all of those."

Kshitij W

"My favorite part about learning and growing at Illuminate is the organization's commitment to personal and professional development. Illuminate provides ample learning opportunities, including training programs, mentorship initiatives, and access to valuable resources. Illuminate plays a vital role in someone's career development journey by offering a supportive environment that encourages innovation and provides avenues for advancement. The organization's emphasis on continuous learning, coupled with its recognition of talent and performance, enables individuals to thrive and reach their full potential."

Sanjeev J

Alexa Young, CA

"I really enjoyed learning how to network and form long-lasting relationships. I feel like the corporate world is who you know so these skills will definitely help in the job search upon graduation. I would definitely recommend this to my peers."

Zizhen Z

Morgan James, NY

"My favorite part about learning and growing is the ability to be able to schedule meetings with industry professionals. I want to discover my career path, and this is the perfect way to get started. This program played an important role in my career development journey by teaching me how to communicate effectively with the older generations and the importance of networking. I would recommend it to peers because of the invaluable experience with the internship buddies and industry professionals."

Sai Varun T

"There are so many important topics covered in just a few lessons. This increases my learning efficiency as I can spend time learning about more things in a few lessons. This will also allow me to mentor others if someone new joins as I can teach them things more efficiently by covering more topics."

Let's See The Impact

Learn about what projects some previous leaders have completed and where they are now in their professional journeys. We are so thankful for their service and are always rooting for them!

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