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Illuminate works with industry experts and leaders in the field from across Canada to match them with companies in need of training. You pick the topic and Illuminate will match you with a qualified business leader to upskill your whole team.

The best part? Everyone gets $400 for participating.


How Canadian companies are training their staff under the nation's best. 

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Serving thousands of people across Canada

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Presenting You with a New Way to Train

Speed up your onboarding and training process with Illuminate. There is no cost. In fact, employers, as well as participants receive up to $400 per person for partaking in these co-created in-person or online coaching sessions and virtual experiences. They are completed on Illuminate's online platform and are accessible from anywhere in the world. "Train the Trainer" sessions of your choice from MBAs, PhDs, and field experts will also reward your team with $400 each.

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1) Request a Train the Trainer Session

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2) Build a Virtual Experience & Coaching Team

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3) Financially Reward Your Employees Up to $400


Easy Eligibility

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Be a Registered Business/Non-profit 

Most Canadian businesses are eligible to partner with Illuminate. 

Illuminate partners with registered Canadian businesses and/or non-profit organizations that do not have a strong affiliation with any political parties.  

Meet Our Trainers

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