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Who Did It? NHBC Experience

Hi everyone! My name is Christine and I am a Grade 11 student at The Woodlands School. This year, I had the pleasure of attending the National High School Business Conference and took part in the CPA Challenge. Having the opportunity to listen to experienced professionals in the business and accounting field was an eye-opening experience, especially as I listened and learned about forensic accounting for the first time today. Additionally, the workshops on mental fitness and job opportunities in accounting were both very helpful to listen to, and they helped me to reflect on myself and my future. The highlight of this year's NHBC experience, however, was the CPA Challenge. We were given a case study with data, information, and receipts to solve a mystery concerning fraud. While this was not my first time participating in a case competition, it was certainly the most interesting and exciting! We were able to put the information about forensic accounting from earlier in the day into use and apply the information directly into our solution.

Overall, I really enjoyed this year's business conference, and am super grateful for the opportunity!

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