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Who did it? NHBC Blog

Hi everyone! My name is Jamie Lee, and I am a Grade 11 Student at Garth Webb Secondary School. Today, I had the pleasure to attend the National High School Business Conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about today.

Today, I attended my first ever case study. It was super fun, and I got to create and work with new friends. I got to collaborate with others, sharing a common goal to figure out who was the person that stole money from CARIC-COM. I got to practice collaboration and working under pressure, skills that will definitely help me in my future. At the end I got to see what others thought and I thought it was very cool to see different thought processes from other groups!

Additionally, I learned so much about accounting, and everything about the career. I learned about the steps to become an accountant, but also what's it like to be a forensic accountant. I found the career of a forensic accountant very interesting, and I can now consider it to be an option for my future career.

Overall the slideshows, discussions, and workshops were super fun and I was honored to be part of this event today!

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