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What an experience! My First NHSB Conference!

During the post-secondary panel, I have learned many aspects of university life and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, from high school courses to select to the programs after undergraduate studies, the keynote speakers have been sincere in sharing their experiences in university.

A question that has always bugged me was the balance between student life and communal activities, jobs and internships. As university life is inseparable from an independent life, one has every responsibility to accomplish requirements within a given time frame.

Keynote speaker Cindy Jano answered this very question for me. "Prioritize school" is what she stated. That school life and your academics hold more significance in comparison to extracurriculars or internships. When it comes to balancing such activities, complete the given coursework and create time for yourself to focus on extracurriculars.

A value and lesson I now know in order to sustain a healthy mindset regarding thew stress, one might feel an attempt to balance such heavy workloads.

When applying what I have learned from the keynote speakers today, I have understood the value of networking and expanding your horizon to many aspects of accounting. This lesson would support me in finding the career choice best fit for me. And for sure, knowing how I can balance my course work and other extracurricular activities.


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