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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

At NHBC: CEO for a Day, students had the distinct pleasure to meet with CPA representatives, Jodi-Anne Buckley and Ariane Morency-Charbonneau, and sparked curiosity about the CPA designation. We've written this post to get you better acquainted with CPA Ontario and to attempt to answer many of your questions.

Limitless Opportunities

Trained to see the big picture, CPAs are well recognized and respected professionals that are globally in demand.

High school students believe in a common misconception that being a CPA means that one must practice accounting for the rest of their career. This belief, however, could not be far from the truth. Although many CPAs are recognized as experienced accountants, many others pursue strategy-focused careers such as being a CEO, board member or consulting manager etc. The skills gained through CPA Ontario's certification program allow individuals to become experts at navigating through complexities and strategic thinking, ensuring success in any industry and in organizations of any size.

Become Involved

We highly recommend becoming involved with CPA Ontario to further find out about the CPA designation and what it has to offer. CPA Ontario's High School Ambassador Program (HAP) is designed specifically to provide students with exclusive contests, and conferences to connect and network with professionals. These networking events and conferences are a great way to meet new people, develop useful skills, and will look great on a resume.

If interested, you can apply to become a High School Ambassador today at!

Additionally, feel free to reach out to Jodi-Anne Buckley and Ariane Morency-Charbonneau on LinkedIn to have any questions or concerns about the High School Ambassador Program.


· CPA Showcase competition – your chance to win $1,000 by creating a video telling us your vision of the workforce of tomorrow

· CPA InstaChallenge – 3 shots a year to win a prize pack valued at $200 for your photography skills

· CPA Write to Ignite - $500 is up for grabs for a 500-word essay about disruptive companies

· High School HUB – Your one-stop shop for networking, current events, insider tips and tricks and professional experience.

HAPs also have exclusive access to No Limits, a day-long conference aimed specifically at you. Held twice a year in either Toronto, Ottawa or Kitchener/Waterloo at No Limits you can:

· Network with CPAs

· Participate in workshops to develop your soft skills

· Experience a business conference with other, like-minded students

· Hear an inspiring keynote from a CPA using their designation to make a difference in their community

For more information about CPA Ontario and our High school Ambassador Program please visit www.cpaontario/HAP .


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