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The Strength of our Youth with Ilona Dougherty

Ilona Dougherty has accomplished a lot over the years. She has worked on youth engagement and mobilization in the 2010 Toronto Municipal election, The “Apathy is Boring” surveys (getting young people to vote), and engaging youth in decision making and active citizenship. She is a passionate advocate for youth and taught us a lot about getting our voices heard.

Ilona taught us about how the changes in a youth’s role has impacted how they are treated. These days youth are ignored as contributors to society. We are looked at as a liability instead of an asset. Ilona taught us that youth are natural innovators and are necessary for change and growth in society.

It is everyone’s job to support youth and our job to do our best. Below are some action steps for Young Changemakers as well as how to support them.

Want to learn more? Check out her TED Talk below.


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