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The Illuminate Universe Business Competition Experience

Hello Everyone, My name is Mohammad Jabsheh and I am in Grade 11 attending Garth Webb Secondary School. Today I had the pleasure to attend the National Highschool Business Conference, where I took part in the Business Competition, as it was a very exciting experience, as My teammates and I were given a very interesting case about Forensic Accounting, where we had the chance to use and apply Accounting concepts, examine transactions, and analyze receipts to find a suspect in that case. We used Consulting, accounting, and financial concepts to help us analyze the case and present valid answers and conclusions with supporting evidence. Adding to that, we were also invited to attend a Keynote speaker who is a Forensic accountant, as he walked us through his daily job and tasks, and what can we expect from a career like that. Additionally, the speaker also walked us through some of his missions, tasks, and some of the cases that he and his team have achieved over the years. It was really interesting for me as I did not know about that career path previously, and I learned a lot about that career type and others as well in the CPA field. The NHBC event allowed me to understand more and get a clear idea about what the world of finance, business, and consulting has to offer. I recommend it to anyone interested in that field and industry, a lot of the information that I got introduced to during this experience and event will be carried on with me to the future as most of the skills that I have learned are essential in the consulting and business field. I am looking forward to being a part of more events in the future.


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