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The High School Ambassador Program and why it's the best!

Hello! My name is Huzaifa and I will be a grade 12 student at Richmond Hill High School starting this September. In search of many different ways to find methods to better my supplementary application for my post-secondary education, I kept failing to find opportunities that I could write about, that was until I found out about the High School Ambassador Program! This program has given me the opportunity to explore through multiple resources that are provided, as well as many different events that have been hosted, where I got the chance to network with several amazing and professional teens.


What resources does HAP provide?


There are many competitions that are hosted through this program, and participating in them is a great learning experience and really helps your networking skills. Plus it looks amazing on your supplementary application.


HAP also hosts a variety of conferences for high school students which helps them socialize and learn more about potential future careers. These events tend to mainly focus on leadership and soft skills that can be developed. This also looks great on your supplementary application.

Why HAP?

HAP has many reasons why you should register such as...

It's free!

Creating your accountant is completely free of cost!


After making your account, it's up to you to decide which events and competitions you want to take part in, and there is no added pressure or stress.

Networking with professionals

This is a great chance to grow your network and start interacting with a variety of people whose interests are aligned with yours. This also helps grow your communication skills and will help you interact with people who may come in your future career.


As stated above, registering for The High School Ambassador Program is harmless and will only benefit you and your future. Whether you are interested in pursuing business or not, I believe HAP is something for all high school students as it is a place where you can grow and enhance all your skills and develop new ones. Grab this hand of support that's being given to you, and explore the endless opportunities that come your way, as it will make you a much more professional, intelligent, and approachable individual.


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