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Starting Right Now

My name is Pavi and I had the pleasure to spend the past two weeks with Illuminate Universe and CPA Ontario for their mini co-op program! I've learned an array of information regarding business, leadership and my overall skills.

One of my personal favourite topics through these two weeks was Marketing Tools and Theories. This was a new topic for me and I had loads of fun diving into marketing strategies that real companies use.

I learned that successful companies follow simple marketing theories to help them prosper. Something as simple as the Ansoff Matrix can help firms plan and analyze their strategies for growth. It's used to determine which strategies would work best in certain situations.

--> As you move away from the top left (Market Penetration), your strategies become more risky

--> In each of the four sectors, you're either developing or innovating!

One of my other favourite topics was the nonverbal communication section. I never knew that my actions and behaviour could impact a conversation in numerous ways. Body language and active listening play a vital role in conversations.

Your eye contact, posture, gestures and facial expressions show how you're feeling or how your character might be. Your active listening must also use the six key steps in order to show that you're invested in the conversation!

Although, I've learned a lot about business over the past two weeks, I've also learned a lot about starting right now. Throughout this co-op program I've been a consultant for CPA Ontario and have learned a lot about the high school ambassador program. I've explained the program countless times and each time I've understood that this program isn't only for your resume but it's for your mindset and how you need to start now.

Through this program you get access to exclusive opportunities and learn the value of networking, leadership and how to put yourself out there!

Overall my journey with Illuminate has been incredible and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for my journey with business!


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