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Self-development Has Never Been Easier! Why You should Join the High School Ambassador Program

Acquiring a designation in CPA while balancing your school and work-life can prove to be a challenging task- but rewarding in the end. The exchange is that you can be a lot more flexible with your career: you can work in many different industries with a designation in CPA.

While most students believe that the only benefit of being a part of the CPA is having a higher chance of finding a job, many take for granted all the soft skills you can learn and practice. Professionals within the CPA have strengthened communication, leadership, problem-solving & decision-making skills, self-management, collaboration, professional and ethical behavior.

How do I start?

Although getting a designation in the CPA can be challenging, the High School Ambassador Program offered by CPA Ontario provides students with the early experience to put them on the right track. The program provides students with many benefits that can kick-start their careers. As a part of the HAP, you get access to many resources which, can be split into competitions and conferences.

  1. CPA Ontario provides students with an opportunity to showcase their skills. The competitions they offer push students outside their comfort zone which, can help them find their maximum potential. Students can learn about their strengths and weaknesses and can make way for creativity. Students have a chance to win prizes and money, which can spice up their resumes. CPA showcase, CPA InstaChallenge, and Write to Ignite are just a few of the competitions offered by CPA Ontario!

  2. The HAP offers students exclusive conferences. These conferences provide students with an opportunity to learn about their limitless career opportunities. Students will develop their critical thinking skills through a CPA-led interactive workshop, spotlight interviews and a chance to connect with CPAs!

These resources provide students with valuable teachings which they can apply in any industry.

What are the Benefits of HAP?

The High School Ambassador Program not only provides students with resources but also has multiple benefits!

  1. Balancing your high school life with a family can prove to be a challenging task for many students. Fortunately, the High School Ambassador Program is voluntary, with no mandatory meetings to attend. It is up to the students to decide when they want to participate in a conference or competition, which can significantly reduce stress!

  2. While many students strive to gain an insight into CPA, the internet can provide misleading information. The HAP is offered by CPA Ontario itself and provides students with an opportunity to connect with CPAs to get valuable information and learn more about their career paths.

  3. You may believe that one must have to pay for all the benefits the program provides. The program is free! Whether you are having financial issues or not, the program is accessible to all high school students striving to improve themselves.

The program does not come with disadvantages. It is easily accessible for all students, regardless of their situation. Conferences and competitions are not mandatory and provide students with the freedom to attend when they can. The HAP supports all students to help reach their goals with no downsides. I highly recommend that all aspiring high school students join this program!


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