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Sams the Man! My personal takeaways from our first guest speaker.

Sam Thiara masterfully hosted a thought-provoking workshop during our first week of Illuminate Leadership Academy! He emphasised self reflection, being kind, and taught it through stories. We discussed a person's five core elements and many other interesting ideas. I personally learned a lot and I am going to share my five core elements as well as my top two takeaways.


Sam Thiara

My Five Core Elements:

These are the things I could not live without. I am inclined to do these things automatically and they can be thought of as my passions or strengths.

  • Creative Solutions

I am a very creative person. If I suppress my creativity in one area it leaks out in another. It brings flavour and solutions to all around me.

  • Positive Impact

I am a huge optimist. Looking at the glass half-full is my natural state.

  • Masculine Bonding

Having outlets such as playing sports, or solving problems with the boys is a huge part of my identity and self-care.

  • Rapid Growth

I must move forward, whether that be through living more consciously, working more, or taking a break. If one is not growing, they are dying. I am not afraid to make radical changes if they mean I can become a better person.

  • Constant Learning

Learning is the most amazing gift we have. Knowledge can change everything. The most valuable thing is information. Learning is something that I must do all-day everyday. I also teach what I know so the knowledge can be shared.

My two Key Takeaways:

  • Transformation vs Transaction

Sam shared a story about going out to get a burrito. He read the name of the lady off her nametag. He asked her how she was doing, and how long she had worked there. Sam was okay with eating anything, so he asked the lady what she would have made for herself. She smiled and they went on making this amazing giant burrito(he even got free guac).The lady thanked him for making her day. He turned this transaction into a transformation. What one was an almost robotic-like interaction became a fun exchange. This is the power of human relationships.

  • A tube of toothpaste?

At the start of the presentation Sam told us this talk had to do with a tube of toothpaste. We all were curious as to what it was, then forgot about it for a while. Finally it was revealed that we should tap into our resources of mentors and networks. He explained that they are like a tube of toothpaste when it seems like it’s gonna run out; it just never quite does. Asking for help and guidance from those who have walked the path before us is something that is extremely powerful.

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