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Sailing the Scholar's Ship

There are different pathways like university, college, apprenticeship, etc. However, Education is a MUST.

Education may be costly for a lot of people. That is why Tomiwa encourages people to apply for a scholarship.

There are always excuses for not applying to scholarships... "I don't have time", "I'm not going to get accepted anyways", "There's too much to do".

Tomiwa Ademidun's presentation pointed out how easy it is to apply for scholarships, and made the process look way less complex.

1. Google scholarships that applies to YOU

There are a lot of scholarships that you don't even know that exists. Simply type words like "business student", your ethnicity, your programme, etc. and start browsing!

2. Use websites

Websites like Alita and ScholarshipCanada helps organize a list of scholarship that might be applicable for you, definitely saving you a lot of time

3. Ask your employer

If you are working at places like Loblaws, don't be afraid to ask your employer and see if they would like to offer you a scholarship. You can also reach out to your guidance counsellor for more information!

The process isn't even as daunting as one would think. Oftentimes, you may use one great essay over and over again to apply for tons of scholarships. So what are you waiting for? Apply today!

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