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NHBC x CPA Experience

Hi! My name is Angela Wang and I am a grade 11 student at Glenforest and today I had the pleasure of attending the National Highschool Business Competition hosted by Illuminate Universe x Chartered Professional Accountants. The highlights from today's conference are:

1) The keynote speaker:

I learned about the experience and pathway of a forensic accountant. Additionally, I enjoyed learning about interesting cases.

2) The CPA presentation & Illuminate Universe workshop:

Jodi was an amazing presenter who clearly explained the appeals of being a chartered professional accountant and expanded my horizons. Her presentation definitely has me interested in being an accountant in the future!

The mental fitness workshop was so insightful and all the presenters kept the attendees engaged and inquisitive throughout.

Thank you so much for these 2 meaningful workshops that changed my perspective on my future job prospects and helped me develop a stronger more positive mindset.

3) The post-secondary alumni:

All the post-secondary students provided tangible information about business programs and schools I am currently looking into and it was so helpful.

4) The case competition:

This case competition was unlike any I've ever done. It was extremely well-crafted and creatively presented. My group members and I were engaged throughout and I appreciate how this experience has changed my perspective on case competitions. Cross-referencing financial statements and logs made us feel like detectives and although tedious was also very rewarding.

This experience was worthwhile because I was able to connect with professionals in the field, network with like-minded individuals, and applying practical forensic accounting skills in an engaging case.

Thank you to all the Illuminate Universe leaders and CPA organizers for working so hard to organize this amazing event. My team and I are so grateful for the opportunity and are excited for what future opportunities Illuminate Universe has to offer.

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