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NHBC Reflection Blog

Hi there! I'm Sven, currently a grade 10 student at GTA. I'm thrilled to share my experience at the National High School Business Conference 2022!

The workshop on managing and playing with your finances is very inspiring. Before, I was hesitant and intimidated by organizing my bank account; however, after the motivating presentation, I now felt very encouraged to try it out! (maybe I'm going to join the stock market tomorrow!) :]

Also, for the two challenges, I met some wonderful teammates. I think they are all very efficient and excellent; I learned a lot of stuff from them when we were preparing for the challenges.

During the first challenge, which was on the topic of "Redesigning A High School Business Course," I felt very related to the prompt since I'm a high school student who took business courses. We, as a team, then figured out some issues that business teachers and the education system need to bring awareness to. Also, the strategy of solving the problem of "Teachers are usually not very experienced with real-world business, and experienced business people usually do not have teaching credentials."

In all, it's an enjoyable experience! I definitely learned a lot of new information and knowledge from this conference!!