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NHBC Reflection

Hi everyone, my name is Michael Liao, and I am a Grade 11 student at Markham District High School. The lessons that I learned at NHBC were truly invaluable and they allowed me to better understand the opportunities that becoming a CPA creates. The Forensic Accountant was extremely engaging, and I learned that being an accountant goes way beyond just numbers, but actually includes investigating crimes, money transfers and much more. Later on, I was able to actually apply my learnings to the Case Competition, where we investigated suspects for monetary fraud, similar to that the Forensic Accountant does. I believe that my group worked really well together, and we were able to succinctly analyze the situation at hand and come up with plausible verdicts. In addition, I learned about the ways to mitigate emotional and mental stressors, including the muscles known as sages and saboteurs and how to deal with these feelings. Overall, this will be very beneficial in future interactions and my business pursuits.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that NHBC has given me, and I am excited for future conferences with Illuminate.


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