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NHBC: Leadership & Forensics

Hello all! My name is Timurul Hoque Kazi (at your service🎩), and I'm a grade 12 Turner Fenton SS student bound for the University of Waterloo's Planning program.

Today, I attended Illuminate's National Highschool Business Conference - and let me tell you, as far as business conferences go, this one was pretty unique!

I'll focus on the key part of the event - the CPA Ontario Case! This was a forensic accounting case where a number of fascinating characters were suspects for a $5,000 embezzlement case.

My group's process was to initially read the case together and collect our suspicions. Then, half the team began to work on the slides and the other half worked on collecting our quantitative and qualitative data. In the end, our selected culprit was the Finance Director, lazily misattributing certain payments to the other suspects while embezzling the money himself.

This case, combined with the unexpectedly interesting keynote on forensic accounting earlier in the day, made a for a fascinating and unique NHBC!

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