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NHBC Competition - One to Remember!

Hi everyone! My name is Olamide Dinah and I am a Grade 10 student at Upper Canada College. Today, I had the pleasure to attend the National High School business Conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about business today.

The Illuminate National Highschool Business Competition was a great experience!

The day started off with an informative presentation from a current forensic accountant, which really reinforced the versatility of jobs. He worked in the crime industry, helping to catch criminals. But something he said that stuck with me, was that accountants are needed for every job. The handling of money is always important.

After the initial presentation, we then moved on to the workshops, hosted by illuminate employees and CEO Alina, along with Julia Buckley, a CPA recruiter. To kick things off, the first workshop was focused on the mental business game, and particularly on gaining an understanding of how we can improve our mental states. I enjoyed learning about saboteurs and the importance of understanding them and how to avoid them.

In the CPA presentation, I was intrigued by Soft Skills. Prior, I hadn't really considered their importance in employment and the workforce, so it was enlightening.

Following an informative Q&A with university students... We had the Case Study.

I thought the case study was a fantastic challenge, and my group found ourselves just barely finishing in the allotted time. It was great, and what I would call the highlight of the Competition.

All in all, this was a fantastic experience, and I will hold on to the lessons learned regarding soft skills and mentality for the future.


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