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NHBC a world of opportunities

Hi everyone! My name is Hassan Ibrahim and I am a gr 11 student currently attending Woburn CI. Today, I had the pleasure to attend the NHBC conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about and my experiences. First we started off with the opening ceremony the co-chairs left a deep impression on me with there enthusiasm and where very organized considering they where the same age as me! There taste in music was immaculate and they kept the good vibes going all throughout the conference.

Next we started our first workshop the CPA workshop it was very informative I learned about the education that is required to enter that field of work the similarities it had to other jobs there average salary which was approximately 165K. Our guest speaker Jodi did an amazing job at keeping us engaged I was hooked (not only because of the salary).The second workshop we did was regarding mental health honestly before I was a bit uninterested but once we started I couldn't stop listening I learned so many tips on my well being methods to control my anger keeping myself in a good mood I'll make sure never to forget those.

The part I was hesitant most about though was the CPA challenge but it was the exact opposite of what I thought it was gonna be it was very fun. It allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and put my cooperative and deductive skills to the test to figure out the solution to the challenge.

The conference was an amazing experience I hope to encounter again someday I can't wait!

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