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NHBC 2022: An Experience To Remember

Hey everyone, my name is Carson, and I’m a grade 9 student at Alexander Mackenzie High School. I had the pleasure to attend the National High School Business Conference. Here is what I learned today. I learned about how to get started into the world of business. I love that we were encouraged greatly to just go out and do things. We were taught to just do it, and then learn from the mistakes. The first time can’t be perfect, which is why this conference has inspired me to start investing. I was also taught the earlier I invest, the more value it has down the line.

I specifically learned from Kelly that we should keep an eye on the real estate market in the GTA which I will do. Hopefully he’s right and I would have been lucky to have heard him give that warning. I really enjoyed this conference because it was such a unique experience, and I learned some important things about business that can help me in the future. This will help me because I now have the base knowledge about business, and I can either pursue a path in business or know enough to make it a side hustle.

For those two challenges, I found them both quite interesting. The first one was about redesigning a business course, and I felt right at home because I had taken the grade 9 business tech course, and I had some ideas on what I wanted to change. For the second challenge, it was a lot more challenging, but I’m proud of what my team and I were able to come up with under the time constraint. I’m really grateful for this experience, to be able to have done what I did today.


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