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My NHBC Experience😁

Hi everyone! My name is Josh Hamilton and I'm a Grade 12 student from White Oaks Secondary School!

Today, I got the amazing opportunity to participate in the National High School Business Conference. I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity I was given and I would love to tell you guys a bit about my experience.

Overall, my experience at the Business Study Case Conference was very uplifting and inspiring. We got the chance to listen to a very interesting and refreshing forensic accountant working for the government of Canada. Moreover, we were able to put ourselves in the shoes of forensic accountants and work on a case to figure out which suspect is stealing money, just like an actual profesional! I loved that we got the chance to converse with an specialist, then try it out for ourselves.

We even got to learn about some of the biggest fraud schemes in the world! Events where forensic accountants were needed the most.

Furthermore, there were amazing panelists who provided their own insight on business, university, careers and general life. It was really enjoyable to be surrounded by these students who offer so much of their own knowledge and advice.

Ultimately, this conference taught me how to apply certain leadership and team-oriented skills and provided me with valuable information that can be applied to my future goals and aspirations.

Thanks Illuminate! :)

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