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My Mini Co-op Experience

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel, and I'm an incoming grade 12 student at Garth Webb SS. During the last two weeks of July, I had the opportunity to be a part of Illuminate's mini co-op. It was a phenomenal experience as I learned various business-related concepts and enhanced my soft skills through hands-on consultation projects such as hosting a Digital Literacy Workshop with ABC Life Literacy. Every module had intriguing and new content, different from the previous. Along the way, I discovered CPA Ontario and their High School Ambassador program, which I signed up for. It's great for any high school student to learn more about CPAs and finance while adding diversification to their portfolios. In the same module, I created a graphic design and marketing plan to recruit 5 students to sign up for HAP. Although I'm still in the stages of executing the marketing plan, the ability to put everything I've learnt throughout the Mini Co-op into a hands-on project is an amazing way to learn and explore the business field. To end this blog, I would like to thank the team at Illuminate for this insightful experience and Laveen Jose for introducing me to CPA Ontario and the HAP. I would highly recommend the Mini Co-op to anyone who wants to grow and develop their business skills and check out all the other opportunities Illuminate has to offer!


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