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My First NHBC Experience!

Hi everyone! My name is Riya Kamboj and I am a grade 9 student at Turner Fenton Secondary School. Today, I got this amazing opportunity to showcase my skills for the National High School Business Conference which was held by Illuminate Universe! This was my first experience with NHBC and I learned many things that will help me become successful in the future. Here are some thoughts highlighting what I learned about.

The day was filled with amazing workshops, a case study and guests who were extremely passionate and helped high school students understand many benefits, appreciate the academy and they introduced a variety of skills that will help us in the future.

A guest speaker came in the morning who works with the CPA and gave us an overview of what forensic accounting is and the experiences that he has dealt with in this profession. Additionally, I learned how CPA leads too many different career paths.

Secondly, we had two amazing workshops that were presented to us by the Illuminate universe and CPA Ontario. Both of these workshops were an experience that I will remember and both were extremely unique. The first workshop that I was in was the mental fitness one and that was an extremely interactive, interesting and engaging workshop to be in. The post-secondary students had focused on the significance of mental and physical health and told us how to calm ourselves when we are in situations that bring out our negative side. The second workshop was with the keynote speaker, Jodi, she talked about the CPA process and told us how this branches out to other amazing opportunities or career paths.

Something that I really enjoyed from NHBC was the case study we received. This case study was definitely something that increased my curiosity, and it allowed students to think outside of the box which enhanced our critical thinking. I enjoyed collaborating with my team and comprehending the importance of forensic accounting and the variety of skills that are needed to solve a case.

Lastly, I have learned many interesting topics, skills and learned about other’s experiences which were definitely entertaining. I also want to thank Illuminate Universe for giving me an amazing opportunity to explore the business world/industry which will help me in my personal development. This was an amazing experience and I’m so glad that I was able to be in this virtual conference. Thank you!


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