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My First Illuminate Experience

Hi everyone! My name is Ben Nakagawa and I am a Grade 12 student at York Mills Collegiate Institute. Yesterday I had the opportunity of attending the National High School Business Conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned throughout the day.

At the start, we participated in a presentation focusing on forensic accounting. He described the variety of criminal cases he worked on, which highlighted the importance of accounting in law enforcement. The versatility and impact of accounting truly emphasized the countless opportunities that a CPA offers.

There was also a post-secondary panel session where university students provided valuable advice and insight into their respective programs. This was especially helpful for me since I'm heading to university this fall!

We transitioned into the CPA Challenge, a case study involving forensic accounting. My team worked quickly to analyze financial transactions, develop our conclusions, and present our findings. Tackling a unique case and working under a time constraint was a really great learning opportunity!

Overall, I had a great time! I was able to further my business knowledge and problem-solving skills thanks to this experience. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in business. Thank you Illuminate Universe!


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