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My First Illuminate Experience!

Hi everyone! My name is Shagun and I am a Grade 9 student at Turner Fenton Secondary School. Today, I had the pleasure to attend the National High School Business Conference. Here are some of my thoughts on what I learned at the conference and how fortunate I am to have had this wonderful experience.

To start off, I learnt how safe and inclusive this program is, and how each person's journey to where they are today is unique. There were a variety of inspirational sayings and ideas to assist us in being the best future business leaders we could be.

We began the day by learning a lot about forensic accounting from a guest speaker from CPA Ontario. He was incredibly passionate about what he did, and he demonstrated this to all of us in a really engaging way. It was incredible to be able to hear it directly from someone with so much knowledge and experience.

Then we listened to Illuminate Universe and CPA Ontario, two incredible workshops. Both workshops were really interesting and engaging, and they taught us a lot about how to make the most of our skills and talents. We were taught how to keep our minds active and healthy while remaining positive, the CPA process, as well as some extraordinary opportunities and more.

I liked how there was a case study where our team had to interact and work together to solve a problem that would be solved by forensic accounting. We learnt to apply a variety of skills and to think critically on the spot. The case itself was super unique and innovative.

Finally, I'd want to mention that, despite the fact that this was my first time attending the conference, it was a great, unforgettable experience, and I'd love to return next year and learn even more. Thank you!

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