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My First Experience with Illuminate Universe

Updated: May 31, 2021

Hi everyone! My name is Tanvi Sheth and I am a grade 9 student at North Park Secondary School. Today, I got the opportunity to attend the National High School Business Conference presented by Illuminate Universe! The environment at the conference was so welcoming and supportive, and the Co-chairs/executive effectively delivered a great experience to all of the students who participated!

We started the day off with a guest speaker from CPA Ontario and got to learn more about Forensic Accounting. I had a great time listening to all of his experiences, which definitely opened up my eyes to career pathways I wasn't familiar with earlier. I realized that it is possible to pursue a career that fulfills all of your interests, and I won't have to choose one, single career pathway in the future. The guest speaker effectively portrayed the exciting life of a CPA and has inspired me to consider all career fields before jumping to any conclusions.

Secondly, we had two amazing workshops presented by CPA Ontario and Illuminate Universe. The workshop regarding mental fitness highlighted some very beneficial/relevant topics and helped me understand the importance of staying healthy, both mentally and physically, in order to succeed professionally. Having good mental health and the ability to control my emotions will effectively guide me as I encounter difficult people, situations, and decisions - which is why I am making it a priority from now on! I was introduced to different types of saboteurs and the technicalities of keeping good mental health, which I appreciated greatly and found quite useful. The workshop presented by CPA Ontario touched on some very useful topics such as how to stay ahead/on top in our chaotic and fast-changing world, and the specific skills we will need to encompass in order to be successful in all aspects.

The case study 'Who Did It' was a very creative way to present students with a real-life scenario and effectively sharpened my critical thinking and public speaking skills. These skills are absolutely crucial to have in a time that is so rapidly evolving, and I am glad I got an opportunity to put them to use! I personally believe the best way to excel at something is to practice and experience it as many times as possible, which is why I am grateful for this mock case experience. Other than these interpersonal skills, this case competition allowed me to experience the competitive environment I will enter in the future, and prepare me for realistic scenarios. Being able to think and produce ideas under pressure and a ticking clock is where we evidently see the difference between the great and the best. Hence, I consider myself fortunate to be able to get a glimpse of what I will have to face in the real world.

Team 12
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Below is a picture of my team and I as we were discussing our solutions for the case competition presented by CPA.

This was my first conference with Illuminate and was definitely a delightful experience!

Furthermore, I am glad that my first glimpse of the business/technology industries was provided by Illuminate Universe. It has created a strong foundation for me from which I hope to grow as both a student and a person.

In conclusion, I not only acquired very beneficial skills and experiences from this conference but also got an opportunity to meet some very impressive people, make meaningful connections, and introduce myself to the exciting world of the business industry! I hope to continue my journey with Illuminate in the upcoming years to further sharpen and contribute to my leadership skills. Thank you!

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