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My First-ever Competition @ NHBC!

Hi everyone! My name is Gianna and I am a Grade 12 student at ICA Greenhills. Today, I had the pleasure to attend the National High School Business Conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about Business Development.

From the conference, I have gained a deeper appreciation of business and leadership. As the team lead, I am primarily tasked with leading the team under pressure and streamlining our ideation process. As this is my first-ever case competition, I was definitely feeling mixed emotions (super excited and nervous), but being around my teammates assured me that everything will be alright.

Similarly, the workshops hosted by professionals at Wyth Financials gave me deeper insights regarding finances - a topic I personally think I struggle with. The workshops helped me expand what I know about finances; I liked how the speakers were very kind to share several resources and books we can refer to, to get started with our financial journey.

What I did enjoy most about the conference is having the chance to apply what I've learned in school (theoretical business management concepts)! I found it super fun to connect the dots to create a business plan in more or less than 50 minutes. As an international, the brutal time difference (the event lasted from 9pm-3am my team's time) also made it fun for my group.

All in all, my experience at NHBC has definitely been a great one. From the very insightful workshops to the very productive case competitions, NHBC has opened my doors to the thrilling world of business case competitions!


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