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My experience in the mini-coop

Illuminate's mini-coop was an amazing experience for me. I will 100% recommend it to anyone trying to stand out in the university application process. It focuses on many communication skills that someone trying to be in the business field. The first module required me to organize a workshop for adults. This was an amazing experience because communication skills are extremely important in the entrepreneurship field and what better way to develop them than teaching adults. In my second module, I registered for the high school ambassador program which provided me with numerous opportunities in many fields like technology and healthcare with a focus on business. Finally, the last module included an emphasis on the marketing field where I had to design an infographic to get 5 people to sign up for HAP. The modules before the projects too were an excellent way to get to know the field of business before doing the projects. My sincere appreciation goes out to the Illuminate team and Laveen Jose for organizing such an amazing experience. I would encourage anyone even remotely interested in the business field to apply for this mini-coop and get involved with Illuminate universe!


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