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My Experience At The National High School Business Conference

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The National High School Business Conference Reflection Blog

Hey there! My name is Vinaya and I am a high schooler at Turner Fenton Secondary school. Today I received the incredible opportunity to attend the National High School Business Conference. I learned so much about myself, entrepreneurship, finance and business and this is definitely an experience I will remember!

What I learned

  • Today I learned so much about future career paths, potential job opportunities, and general tips for success. From hearing about forensic accounting to the experiences of post-secondary students the exposure I gained today is once in a lifetime.

The Case Competition

  • The act of problem-solving, putting pieces together, and coming up with an overall conclusion for the case study was incredible! By working together with my team I am so proud of the conclusion and results we were able to create against the time restraints. I had a blast throughout the entire process of brainstorming, understanding, and creating and hope to participate in another case study like this in the future.

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