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Lessons on resiliency at Illuminate

Hi everyone, my name is Andy Lee and I am third-year pharmaceutical chemistry student at the University of Toronto. During my time at Illuminate, I had the pleasure of attending the Illuminate x Hiren resiliency workshop and I am excited to share with you my learnings today! When thinking about resiliency, its core meaning often revolves around the response to external stress and failure. When faced with constant pressure and tasks, everyone can feel overwhelmed and helpless, especially when it feels insurmountable or failure is inevitable. However, with a good mindset and the willingness to ask for help, anything is possible, no matter the obstacle.

Resiliency is a skill that is built over time and requires the courage to face your problems with a different perspective. With Hiren, I learned several strategies that can be employed when facing difficult moments in life. One of the best and most effective tactics involves taking a break or stepping back to take a look at the bigger picture. It can be so easy to get lost in the details and stumble over minute pieces of information that have a very little chance of mattering in the end. By removing yourself from these tangles, it becomes easier to understand the scope of your tasks and refocus your efforts on what you can do in the present. During the workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about ways to build resiliency and new ways to practice skill in the real world. My favorite example comes with reminding yourself of all the positive things you have done over the course of a day. Doing so keeps your mind in a positive space and ready to approach the next task with confidence.

Practicing resiliency has become integral in my life as a student and a student intern at Illuminate as I constantly face problems that need to be solved within a defined timeline. With these new skills, I have grown more confident in my abilities to adapt to new settings and contribute to other workplaces. I have no doubt that these skills will aid me, no matter where my career will take me!

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