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Leadership and Career Development at Illuminate Universe

My name is Michelle, I am a Grade 10 student at St. Robert CHS in the Pre-IB program. On April 10, 2021, I participated in the Illuminate x Markham conference. Here are some takeaways I have gotten from this event.

What if you put full effort into one goal for even just a week. You could get so far ~ Mash Chowdhury

The first speaker we had was Christal Wang, co-founder of shimmer. She has spoken facts about how young people are more likely to have mental health issues and need adequate aid from the healthcare industry and support from our society.

She talked about the Theory of Change and how it can be implemented to make mental health care become more accessible for youth.

We created, discussed and practiced presenting a flowchart on how the Theory of Change affects youth mental health care.

The second speaker of the conference was Mash Chowdhury. He is an energetic individual who is currently an Analyst at Deloitte Canada for Cyber Risk Advisory. He talked about his path to success, and what made him so special. He also discussed his struggles with moving to Canada, a whole new world, and the challenging first year of university.

We learned about how a consultant works and practiced the same processes a consultant would go through by an interactive exercise.

Where the path you decided will affect how your life goes, where it is really important to have a network of your plan, and the determination to head that path.

Both Christal and Mash have taught me to organize a plan for my future, where it has given great guidance on how to pursue my goals.

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