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Is AI Taking Over the World?

As I joined the Illuminate meeting, I wasn't sure what to expect. As a person who listens to talks from Google Engineers, Netflix Programmers, and Wallstreet Brokers, I assumed something similar would be the case. My expectations were simply launched out of the water after the first keynote speaker, Salim. He brought an issue nobody thought is as impactful as it would be - the Canadian Banking system.

While banks were always present in our lives, people my age are too young to understand the inconvenience of the banking system but we were given an hour to dive deep into the business world and my group, Ken, Austin, Aryan, and Eunice, were able to acquire a completely different perspective.

We researched the banking system, how we can improve the efficiency of the workplace, and provide a viable solution that will elevate businesses in need. Alongside Salim's insights and inspirational story about his journey as an entrepreneur our group successfully provided a solution that automates invoice processing.

As we continued to lay the foundation, I slowly realized the detriments of automation in society. Most small businesses simply cannot afford to maintain the expenses that human capital carries, however, our solution allows for people working in other fields where human expertise is unmatched.

By redirecting people to jobs where they excel and are exclusive, AI will only aid in the process of superpower this world. People will still do most of the heavy lifting, taking the first steps towards greatness.

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