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Innovating for all: How CIOs can leverage diverse teams to foster innovation and ethical tech

Hello, my name is Madhureema Balasubramani Rupa and I am a grade 10 student, currently attending Bishop P.F Reding Catholic Secondary School. In the past few months, I have been working on professional industry case studies while learning about the world of consulting with Illuminate College and their National Partners. Here is an article I wrote that captures the following insights:

  1. The influence of Diversity on Innovation

  2. Leveraging ethical tech

  3. The obscure power of Inclusivity in the workforce & worldwide

You can’t categorize diversity based on what a person looks like. It’s what the person can do for the organization”, said Charles K Poole.

Inherent and acquired diversity are two main characters featured in the article and the quote above. This unfolds the equal importance of both the entities in a business community. Diverse thinking contributes to socioeconomic backgrounds, age, education, geographies, cultural differences, and many more. Employees with diverse demographics should be able to express their unique perspectives, and recognize that their insights are truly contributing to a better outcome. We must acknowledge that a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds are crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas. Ultimately, diversity is the solution to innovation, and to this point the strategic imperative for many businesses.

This is where the vantage point, being ethical tech comes in. Technology today is ubiquitous, and the potential consequences must be explored before any further investigation. Ethical tech aids in the understanding of disruptive technologies, inquire about the effects of emerging technology, informs the risks, & legal outcomes and lastly, leverages a diverse set of voices“. Ethical tech delivers innovative benefits without unintended harmful outcomes”, according to the Deloitte Insight Article, Innovating for All. It is basically the moral compass for the business, fostering the “do no harm” thinking by putting themselves under the customers’ shoes and demonstrating integrity. Overall, innovation depends on the empowerment of ethical tech and the diverse leadership of the business.

My approach to this topic complies with the ideas presented in this article but also differs in specific areas as well. The article repeatedly stressed the point that CIO’s (Chief Information Officer) has the responsibility to leverage diverse teams to foster innovation & ethical tech, but this objective can’t be accomplished without the support and input of employees. It is equally important that employees deploy their transformational power to make the innovation successful to its sole purpose. Supporting the article's perspective, everyone in the business environment must adopt a positive approach with the intention of building a diverse and inclusive team on deck. Diversity is a major topic covered in this course overall. It is a priority of business that truly intrigued my thoughts and provoked my urge to share my perspective on this vast topic. The famous proverb by the Greek philosopher Plato states, “Necessity is the mother of Invention”, which is the path many businesses currently follow. Diversity being the mother of innovation, should always be the first goal of a business. Additionally, it is essential to give importance to the customer's voice and to consider their needs/demands as well. Diverse teams within companies reflect the market diversity out there, thus customer suggestions and preferences should be put into play more often, and employees must assess customer instincts.

Speaking of diversity, inclusivity and making others feel valued, is equally significant. Inclusiveness in the boardroom is needed to leverage a company's full potential and provides an opportunity for all points of view to be expressed. Inclusiveness is especially important in this time of crisis, as the world battles the novel COVID 19 pandemic. With my own eyes, I have witnessed many of my friends and their families only surround themselves with people who are like them, while intentionally distancing themselves from those who are different. The xenophobia within our minds is more contagious than the virus itself, as it is rapidly spreading worldwide, yet faster than corona. We must be vigilant in this time of extreme uncertainty, by keeping our thoughts to ourselves, and not letting our fear hurt others’ emotions. Demonstrating the support, inclusion, and love to those severely affected by this crisis, no matter their cultural background or ethnicity is vital now more than ever. Canada being one of the most culturally diverse countries must stay strong and proud together in these unprecedented circumstances to prove our inclusiveness! Stay home, and stay safe but don’t segregate others...

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