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First Experience with Illuminate Universe

Hi everyone! My name is Xinyu Yang, and I am a Grade 11 Student at Steveston-London Secondary School in BC. Today, I had the pleasure to attend the National High School Business Conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about today.

At the begining, we had 2 workshops where we learned about mental health. I gain a deep insight into the two new alternative terms of what is called a bad mindset, saboteurs, and what is caledl a good mindset. These are really useful and helpful for youth since many teenagers are suffering through mental illnesses nowdays.

The highlight of today's conference is -- "Who Did It" Forensic Accounting Case Analysis. During the preparation period, my teammates and I worked together to find the clues for identifying who is the person that stole the money. During this process, I understand the importance of teamwork and the ability to communicate and share thoughts with each others. In fact, all of our ideas are different, helping us to better find the clues and suspicious actions each person did. When we watched other teams' presentations, all of us learned various aspects of accounting and how accounting skills help us complete a perfect analysis.

After all, I really love this CPA Ontario Challenge. An immersive experience that I ever had. Thank you for the instructions for the summer challenge at the end. Hope to join the conference once again!


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