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Impactful Lessons from Event Planning, Marketing & Communications with Illuminate Universe

As a community leader at Illuminate Universe, I got the opportunity to participate in the Event Planning, Marketing and Communications learning experience. I enjoyed learning about the various skills needed for this program such as communication, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and open-mindedness. As a current Communications and Digital Media Studies student, I was excited to be part of this work-integrated experience. It was great to know the different skills I can use in my field of work. Through the review of this journey, the Event Planning, Marketing & Communications learning experience gives a full understanding to the learner from the history, building a team, and leadership experience. The program is educational and interactive for the learner as there are activities and a capstone project.

Core Takeaways

The learning experience gave me a strong understanding of essential key areas such as how to conduct a team, plan events, implement marketing strategies, and collaborate with peers. Firstly, I was able to learn how to conduct a team effectively which demonstrates different strategies and leadership styles. Apart from that, the experience covered the tedious steps of event planning. Learners were able to learn how to plan events in a successful and organized manner. By having this knowledge, learners can use the skills in events such as meetings, parties, conferences, and work conferences. Moreover, I was able to get a grasp on the world of marketing and the different ways it can be incorporated into branding, advertising, and reach. The idea of social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Linkedin was mentioned as a way of marketing an event. Lastly, the learning experience stressed the importance of collaboration skills and the ability to work with your peers professionally and beneficially.

The three biggest takeaways from this experience were understanding your audience, building a team, and the art of leadership influence. To start, it is crucial to understand your audience and their needs as they are the priority. A way to understand your audience is to make surveys, collect feedback, and engage with them. Moreover, building a team is important because it gives a diverse range of thoughts and opinions. Apart from that, building the art of leadership influences ties into mutual trust with the people you lead and allows members to be more driven and engaged.

Fostering Positivity, Resilience, and Personal Growth in Students

The learning experience promotes positivity, resilience, and personal growth through interactive activities and a capstone project at the end. By having these embedded in the learning experience, learners can apply what they have learned from the tasks and apply it in the real world. Throughout the experience, there is an emphasis on the importance of collaborating with others and using teamwork. The main messages from this experience were knowing your audience, building strong teams, and the importance of good communication.

Lessons Learned from The Learning Reflection Process

After learning from this experience, I was able to understand the importance of event planning and prioritizing your audience. Prioritizing your audience and their needs should be done for content creation and managing an event. In addition, when feedback is given from the audience it has a great impact on how the final product turns out. Apart from that, I had the opportunity to learn about different leadership styles that will help me communicate with others efficiently. To sum up, from the communication styles and event planning tips, I can utilize this information to make a successful social media post or campaign.

Personal Reflection

Overall, I enjoyed and learned valuable insight from the Event Planning, Marketing & Communications learning experience. The program gave me a great understanding and step-by-step process of how to properly organize events. Specifically, I liked how they explained the importance of marketing and how it can promote an event to an audience. In the communications section, I was able to gain insight into how to share ideas effectively and clearly. I believe this program gave me a good base for marketing, communicating with others, and planning an event successfully.

Tips and Advice

Continuous Learning

  • Attend workshops

  • Stay updated with trends, marketing strategies, analytics and social media trends

  • Communicate with professionals

  • Complete courses


  • Continue to develop strong communication skills

  • Practice active listening

  • Focus on speaking in public


  • Seek feedback from professionals

  • Work with others on social media campaigns

  • Execute and plan events with a team

Personal Experience in Event Planning, Marketing & Communications

  • Gained different skills on how to communicate effectively

  • Interactive and hands-on activities were helpful

  • The combination of history, knowledge and assignments were beneficial

  • Inspired me to pursue a job in this field

Happy Learning!


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