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Illuminate x North York ~

My name is Adrian, I am a Grade 10 student at Saint Andrew's College, up in Aurora. On March 27, 2021, I participated in the Illuminate x North York conference. Here are some takeaways I have gotten from this event.


Skills are Cheap. Passion is Priceless ~ Gary Vaynerchuk


The first speaker we had was Dan Kiernan, a career coach at Oxford Saïd Business School. He has spoken facts about how young people are more likely to work for 20 organizations and have around 3 career changes.

He talked about something I would call the 3Cs, context, credibility, call to action. How it would be the best way to ask anyone for advice in fields that you may be interested in.

Context allows you to present who you are, as a small introduction about yourself.

Credibility allows you to present what you are interested in as in the field you would want to study.

The Call to Action would be when you ask them for advice and insights on the career path.

An example would be "Hi, I'm Adrian, I'm currently a grade 10 student attending Saint Andrews College and I'm interested in getting into the field of Computer Science and Engineering. I have heard many great things about you, would you like to give me some advice and insights about my choice."


The second speaker of the conference was Swish Goswami. He is the CEO of Trufan, it is a data mining company that helps businesses thrive in marketing decisions. He talked about his path to success, and what made him so special.

Where the path u decided will affect how you life goes, where it is really important to have a network of your plan, and the determination to head that path.


Both Swish and Dan have taught me to organize a plan for my future, where it has given great guidance on how to pursue my goals.


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