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Illuminate X Durham Leadership in Women and STEM Conference

Hi Everyone! My name is Moiz Mohammed and I am a Grade 10 student at Pine Ridge Secondary School. Today I had the pleasure to attend Illuminate X Durham's regional conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about STEM and Leadership.

One thing I learned about today is the Imposter Syndrome. I really enjoyed this workshop because I think I also have this imposter syndrome as I fear that I am not good enough or I am just lucky in school. This workshop was also very interactive as we were given our own worksheet to work on while the workshop was going on.

Something I also learned from the keynote speaker Ilona Dougherty is that as young person we have to make adults notice us and notice that even as youths we can still contribute to society and help people out. Personally, as a youth, I try my hardest to make adults accept me for who I am and I try to take every opportunity I get to contribute something, so listening to her speak about this topic was very intriguing and motivating.

Lastly, I think my favorite part of the conference was the Q/A section with Mackenzie Clark because she works at Google and when I grow older I'd also like to work at Google, so by asking her questions I learned a lot of stuff and gained more motivation to work towards this goal of working at Google.


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