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Illuminate x Durham

Hi everyone! My name is Inaya and I am a Grade 9 student at PHS Today, I had the pleasure to attend Illuminate x Durham’s regional conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about.

Something I learned that is about the future of women in STEM and Leadership from the conference was the Imposter syndrome. The imposter syndrome was really surprising for me because it mostly affected women and when Mrs. Andrea was fighting against sexual harassment etc.

From the keynote speakers, I learned a lot about Mrs.Ilona Dougherty and what she felt like at her united nations experience and how people tried to change her to become them, I think that is very relatable. For example in families some parents want you to be exactly how they want you to be and they are trying to put you in a mould that you don't want to be in because we all want to shape our own future. And for Mrs. Andrea Gunraj I loved how she was talking about the kind criticism and how she was talking about gender equality and how she was fighting against sexual abuse and things related to that which is really inspiring.

My favourite part during the conference was the activity that Ms. Mackenzie set up for us. I really liked how engaging it was and how it was. The topic question activity was actually giving me more information because there are some things I didn't know about some of those topics.

I will apply my learning to my future career goals and/or personal development. I was probably thinking more about the people who aren't speaking versus the people who are speaking out loud because everyone has something valid to say.



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