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Illuminate x CPA conference

Hello! My name is Jerry and I am a Grade 11 at Markville Secondary School. I had the pleasure to attend the National High School Business Conference. I had a wonderful experience at the meeting.

Not only that the concept of Forensic Accounting now interests me, but I may also consider this as one of my career paths. The way that the crimes and frauds are investigated is appealing and challenging, which makes this job every more desirable to me.

The talk about university was quite engaging, I gained a lot of important information that may come handy during my time in post secondary education

This case study was extremely memorable, my team and I had a great time communicating with one another, we worked hard to solve the case and arrived at the most correct solution. The judges made us feel very easy and comfortable presenting our case.

NHBC was amazing and thank you to all the event heads and judges for their time and energy. I would definitely sign up again next time!

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