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Illuminate Universe reflection Blog post! Alok's take!

Hello everyone! My name is Alok and I'm a grade 11 student at Woburn Collegiate Institute. Today, I had the pleasure to attend the National Highschool Business Conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about the multiple opportunities provided throughout Illuminate Universe, mental health preparations, approaching a business case study and much more!

Starting off, I felt the immense excitement all around me prior to the commencement of the conference in the most surreal manner possible! There were a bunch of like-minded people meeting and interacting with me as well as my teammates, everything came together and contributed to my sense of networking skills overall.

The beautiful insight provided into the various benefits offered by Illuminate universe ultimately aligns with my interests as I'm really excited to explore the corporate world as a lawyer and possibly a businessman! It'll be my surreal honor to attend any of these events in the future as I've currently begun the registration process for an up and coming NHBC event already, I can't wait to uncover my true potential in the world of business!

Then came the workshops, It was a very helpful and inspirational talk about the various saboteurs we encounter in our lives on a daily basis and how they may positively or negatively impact our lives if left uncontrolled. The aforementioned workshops were extremely pleasing and appealing to me in their respective forms! Thank you for the wonderful insight into the presence of mental health, especially during these tough times NHBC!

The keynote speaking sessions featuring extremely qualified personnel made my day! it was really the cherry on top of the cake as I learnt a lot of information about university and high-school from people who've experienced the transition themselves, first-handed information is extremely appealing. The forensics investigator provided crucial information for aspirants pursuing similar endeavors in the future and brought back the concept of crime investigators on our televisions to a real-life zoom session!

Then came the case study competition, it was extremely amazing and such a fantastic experience for me as we got to lay down in the mud and experience a day in the life of a financial analyst for an accounting firm named CIRC-COM. It was a great run and it was definitely one for the books! I honed a lot of my soft skills throughout the duration of the case study and it's presentation which'll aid me in all of my future endeavors.

In conclusion, I'd like to extend A HUGE THANK YOU TO NHBC! It was a tremendous opportunity and it's one that I'll keep coming back to, forever! :)

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