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Illuminate Universe &Markham Entrepreneurship Conference

Hello everyone! My name is Muxuan Li, and I am a grade 11 student at Alexander Mackenzie High School. Today, I am very happy to participate in the regional meeting of Illuminate x Markham. This is my idea, focusing on the many interesting and useful things I learned in today's 6-hour meeting.

Christal Wang's greatest inspiration for me is her set of methods for discovering social problems and innovating. In fact, I am a very illogical person. Her method is very useful to me. Mash Chowdhury's cybersecurity is very interesting. His logical thinking is particularly rigorous. The series of questions he raised are very targeted, and they have played a big role in helping to think about how to innovate.

I feel very satisfied about this meeting. I really liked the workshop and case 1 presentation in the morning. This conference is really the same as the publicity at the time. You can see the works of many outstanding high school students, and you can have dialogues with several outstanding young entrepreneurs and ask questions. The host also did a very good job. They organized the meeting in an orderly manner and saw that every part of the meeting was carefully planned and prepared before the meeting.

This is my first time attending the Illuminate x Markham conference. This is a brand new game for me, a format that I have never touched before. Through today’s day of study, I discovered some of my shortcomings. I am more impatient but procrastinated. In fact, I have benefited the most from the cooperation with the team members. I know my friends better, and I have also discovered areas for improvement in my thinking and personality.

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