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Illuminate Reflection Blog

Hi, my name is Devlyn Sun and I am a grade 11 student at Markville SS. I recently had the great opportunity to attend a business conference at NHBC and honestly, I went into this a bit scared since I had little experience in business. If you are hesitant like I was because of your lack of business knowledge, trust me, it's worth it. There was so much to take in and learn from this experience, and it's a lot more in depth than the courses you might take at school! It completely changed my mind about the opportunities in the business world. The speakers were very engaging and answered our questions with so much information. The case competition itself was such a great learning experience since it was a practical and realistic situation. This is definitely a great event regardless of whether you want to pursue business or not! I loved the case study competition! One of my favourites!

I am very grateful for the opportunity that NHBC has given me, and I am excited for future conferences with Illuminate.


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