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How to get scholarships

Today through Tomiwa Ademidun's presentation I got a more ambitious idea of applying for scholarships, before this presentation I was not planning to apply for scholarships because I always thought that applying for scholarships in high school was out of my reach, but through Tomiwa Ademidun's presentation I found out how important it is to apply for scholarships. I also learned the steps of applying for scholarships and the best practices for applying for scholarships, such as applying for scholarships we should ideally put all of our plans in a newly created calendar so that we are aware of what our schedule looks like, give examples when applying for scholarships, but it has to be specific, and also plan a scholarship timeline, but Tomiwa Ademidun's advice is the longer the better, and I agree. Through this presentation I found out that applying for a scholarship is much better than working part time because the purpose of a part time job is just to make money, but a scholarship is much more fun, so I will plan to apply for a scholarship.

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